Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope is Resigning! How About You?

It is confirmed, the Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, is resigning. According to the news, the Pope is resigning due to old age. This unpopular move succeeded a pope who resigned in the 13th century. However, I guess the whole world would understand, he is resigning because of old age. Anyone at age 85 would probably want to resign too.

However, how about you? When will you resign or when do you plan to retire? Personally, I want to retire early so I can enjoy life more. However, I want to retire rich. If you check my Goodreads account, I am still reading the book "Retire Young Retire Rich" by Robert Kiyosaki. I am hoping to finish this before my birthday.  

Perhaps, most people in my age group is not ready to retire yet. However, when it comes to resigning, I guess there's a good number of people who would want to shift careers or try starting their own businesses instead. There's probably some who are already in between jobs right now. They have the time but they do not have the money to start a business yet. Nevertheless, I'd like to challenge you to start thinking about retirement as well. I believe what my college professors love to ask us to do before is still effective to this day. 
  1. Start a 10 year plan. 
  2. Plot your career goals. 
  3. Determine what you want to happen in your life in the next ten years. 
    • When will you buy a house, a car, a resort or condo units? 
    • When will you start your own business? 
    • How much capitalization will you need? 
    • When will you start saving funds for business capitalization? 
    • When will you resign and have enough funds to be financially free to start your own business or tour the world? 
    • Can you work and start your own business at the same time? When?
Believe me, this will guide you better in doing what you have to do tomorrow and the next ten years. If you have other views about resigning and retirement, feel free to comment on this blog. If you want me to start another blog to discuss about retirement and resignation, then please suggest and I will definitely do that. What's your view about the Pope's resignation? Share it to us.